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    The professionals at Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair are proud to take care of the heating and cooling needs of New York City and New Jersey.

    Our specialists can repair, replace, or install new residential or commercial heating and cooling systems of any make or model.

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    Air Conditioner Related Problems

    Air Conditioner not cooling at all

    The thermostat is set to “ON” instead of “AUTO”. – Dirty air filter. – Dirty outer unit. – faulty or faulty condenser fan motor. – Low refrigerant charge / refrigerant leaks. – The compressor is faulty.

    Air Conditioner not cooling enough

    Most Frequent Causes for Air conditioner not cooling enough:

    In the system is not enough freon (you need to refuel the air conditioner with a coolant, having previously discovered and eliminating the cause of the leak of freon). – The air conditioner heat exchanger is contaminated (clogged with dust, leaves and exhaust gases forming a film on the surface of the heat exchanger (they can be cleaned with a high pressure washer, steam cleaner, mechanical means or special chemistry) – The fan of the air conditioner does not work (the reason for this may be a failure of the control board, starting / working capacitor, electric motor) – Failure of the four-way valve (this valve is located in the external unit of the air conditioner and is responsible for switching the modes of operation of heat / cold, it can be repaired or replaced – The temperature sensors are faulty (the sensors can be closed or their resistance is not normal).

    Air Conditioner not working at all

    The central air conditioner fuse has blown. – There is no power in the network where the central air conditioner is connected. – The thermostat is faulty. – The condenser in the compressor is faulty.

    Air Conditioner making noise

    There are no rubber gaskets on the legs or on the bracket. – Bolts of fastening of the conditioner contact to metal elements of floors. – Worn compressor after a long period of operation. – Defective air conditioner grille or foreign objects entering it.

    Air Conditioner overshaking

    The compressor is very worn out after a long period of operation. – Damaged one of the fan blade. – The air conditioner housing is worn out.

    Air Conditioner overheating

    Dirty air filter. – Dirty condenser coils. – Low level of refrigerant. – The compressor is very worn out. – Lack of maintenance. – High mains voltage

    Air Conditioner broken

    Freon leak. – A / C compressor fault. – Pollution of filters in the air conditioner. – Malfunction of the impeller. – Failure of starting capacitor. – Faults in the electronics circuit of the air conditioner. – Problems with the power supply of the air conditioner.

    Air Conditioner dirty

    The quality of air in our homes is important for our health. One of the main roles in maintaining high quality air is air conditioning, which cleans the outside air from dust, dirt and allergens. There is a reverse side of the comfort of the air conditioner, it is pricking in the throat, tearing, an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth, increased energy consumption, a terrible smell, a weak airflow – with this you may encounter this, if your air conditioner is clogged with dust. That is why it is important to carry out maintenance of air conditioners at least once a year, and in an ideal case – every six months. It is also necessary to clean the air conditioner filters with your own hands, washing the filter of the indoor unit under water once in 2-3 weeks. Our Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Master will clean your air conditioner.

    Clogged drain line

    – If the amount of refrigerant is reduced in the system, the temperature of the evaporator is also lowered and ice can be built on it. Then the water can not enter the tray, but it will drain to the fan and from it to the floor. Also, this problem can arise not only because of the lack of freon, but also when the evaporator or filters are heavily soiled.

    – If the pressure regulator is not installed in your air conditioner, the pressure in the system may fall when the temperature is lowered in the street. Accordingly, the temperature in the evaporator also decreases. And it can happen even with enough freon. As a rule, the pressure regulator is an integral part of all air conditioners designed for year-round operation.

    – The most banal reason – the freezing of the outlet of the drainage tube. This can happen if you use the air conditioner for cooling in the winter. In this case, the condensate must be discharged outside. If the temperature on the street drops below zero, the hole in the tube will freeze, clogging the outlet for water. However, it must be remembered that before cleaning the drain pipe, it is necessary to wash the drain pan and other elements of the drainage system of the air conditioner.

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